Android Tips : Better Battery Life and Speed

7 must know Android tips for your budget Phone.

With every passing year, the market is getting bombarded with amazing cheap devices.They perform quite well and are cheap but somehow due to their limitation in ram, processor or memory, they end up being underpowered and slow with the passage of time.

So for that very purpose of maintaining the smoothness of your device, there are few Android Tips that will ensure Better Battery Life and Speed.

  • 1. First is to activate the Developer options by clicking on the “Build Number” in the About Device section thrice.This will let you change few deep setting related to your device.But you just have to set off all the animations.
  • 2. Install any color wallpaper app and set your wallpaper with a simple uni-colored wallpaper.For Samsung users with AMOLED Display, you must select jet black as your wallpaper as it not only looks clean and helps to pop out the Apps but also improve the battery timings.You should also set the lock screen to single color wallpaper too.
  • 3. Okay now install Screen lock App that allows you to switch off the screen by just tapping on it.It saves time and is fast
  • 4. Set off your auto sync, if you can live without useless g notifications.
  • 5. Display setting should not be set to minimum NOR to the level of getting your self-headache.Just optimize according to your perfect comfort.
  • 6. Recharge your phone when it is down to 15%.Don’t let it die very often.And you don’t have to charge it to full capacity every day.For healthy battery full charge once a week is good.
  • 7. Understand your device potential and don’t go heavy on it.Too many useless Apps also make your phone look untidy and slow.

These are some Android Tips that may help you, in someway, maintaining your device well.For any further addition or question do comment below.

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