Best Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 for Beginners

There are many WordPress hosting companies that offer exciting features. But what is the best cheap WordPress hosting solution for beginners in 2018?

 Something that is reliable too?

The article is based on a real-life experience.

I purchased my first domain along with the shared hosting package on GoDaddy.The company offers domains at very low prices. Users can buy .com domain for just one Dollar for a year expiry at GoDaddy.

But I was not satisfied with the hosting on GoDaddy.

I researched a lot on Google. Analyze various hosting offers. Fortunately, I end up selecting Siteground as my next hosting service for WordPress.

It was mid-2016 and with a domain on GoDaddy & Siteground hosting, It turned out to be the cheapest yet successful WordPress hosting experience for me.

Why I recommend Siteground for WordPress Hosting in 2018?

Shared WordPress hosting is the best solution for beginners or business Starters.

SiteGround offers most premium and amazing shared hosting services.

SiteGround Shared WordPress Hosting
SiteGround Shared WordPress Hosting

Learn more about their Plans.

I recommend GrowBig account as it offers some essential premium features and multiple websites option. The SiteGround built-in caching system is also included.

The loading speed and overall website performance are quite good. As compare with GoDaddy I experience fast loading and zero server down.I ran three websites on a single account. And my total traffic exceeds 70K per month. All this was handled on a single shared GrowBig account.

Why SiteGround is the best cheap WordPress hosting service in 2018?

This is what you came to read.

Here are the actual figures.

Domain on GoDaddy$1/Year (Offer only for the first Domain)
GrowBig Hosting on

For just $72.50 dollar you can get WordPress hosting with a .com domain for a Year. Further, you can also buy more domain names and host it on your already purchased GrowBig SiteGround account.

WordPress.Org Recommend SiteGround

The platform itself recommend SiteGround as an trusted hosting service for WordPress.Check it Yourself.

It’s third in the list with BlueHost and DreamHost.

I challenged you if you can find a more reliable and cheap WordPress hosting package in 2018 than this.

Thanks for reading.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 for Beginners
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Best Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 for Beginners
What is the best cheap WordPress hosting in 2018? The most reliable WordPress hosting for Beginners? The article is based on a real-life hosting experience.
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