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Looking for a cheap car rental in Dubai? There are endless options to choose from if you are living in Dubai and the city being the tourist station for millions of people every year, rental car business has a thriving market. Many established companies have a monopolized effect on the competition. But few emerging rental systems are changing the rules and are focusing on a quick and easy system. Negating the fatigue of hiring a vehicle,eZhire is one of those companies that is reintroducing the traditional way of renting cars making the process quick n simple.

“Say goodbye to long queues and paperwork. We deliver the car right to you.” – eZhire

Why eZhire is the Best Cheap Car Rental service in Dubai?

The eZhire App is available for both Android and iOS. To use the application you have to first register with eZhire. The registration process is simple and all you are asked about is your personal information, Driving license and Emirates ID. This will allow you to book a car, check any recent deals or payments, edit your profile and receive messages. The App covers all the necessary features needed for a secure and quick car rental service.

A number of cars are available for you to select including models from Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, KIA, Nissan etc. The application gives you the comfort of selecting the days or time period and show you the total amount to be paid. The overall app has an uncluttered user interface highlighting every section with simplicity. This provides users with a constant tidy experience.

What is the process for Car rental service with eZhire?

After a particular booking is made, the customer is alerted with a notification. The message posses details containing car name, registration number, car color, the name of the driver and his phone number. This ensures security induction. If the customer is charged with a traffic fine, he will receive a notification. The eZhire mobile application provides three options to the customer for activating collection process. Three buttons; Collect Now, Collect Later and Extend will appear on the screen. If collect now is pressed, a driver will go to the customer and collect the car from him, collect later is to schedule a collection for the future date and extend allows him to increase the number of days he needs the car. This ensures flexible dealing with the customer.

Final Words

The eZhire app is a quite responsive mobile parallel system of its practical company. The eZhire app provides you the best cheap car rental service on mobile. Its an ideal riding option for travelers and even for individuals who want to skip all the car renting hassle and want a quick ride.

Download the cheap Car Rental Service in Dubai ” eZhire“.

Updated: March 24, 2019 — 7:59 pm

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