Colors & Gradients : Personalized App review

Why you need this app?

This is such a cool app. Somebody like me who always avoids too many colors and overexposure on the screens, this app solved the problem in the best possible way. Solid plain colors attract me the most as wallpapers and there is mainly two reason for this.First is the icon’s visibility. Most of the wallpapers lower down the visibility of icons and make the screen so much heavier with their color’s ingredient. Secondly, default wallpapers which come up with branded phones are not according to the taste of users and reflect only the branding of the phone.Plus they always appear dull to me. Before Installing Colors and Gradient I was using single solid color apps which were partly satisfying as they lack options and quality.They have single colors only as a wallpaper option and are unable to produce quality wallpaper alternative.

What really this App offer?

In this quest of finding the perfect app, I stumbled upon Colors and Gradients.It was an initial hit for me with its quality coding style and interface.It all appeared simple and focused on me.This is the app which really does the job perfectly. Colors and Gradients have the option of creating a wallpaper among the single solid color,2 color gradient or 3 color gradient. The application gives you the independence of selecting the gradient direction in 9 different directions ( Top left, Top mid, Top right,90 degrees left,90 degrees right, bottom left, bottom mid, bottom right and four corners).You can pick your favorite colors from the palette or set color through hue saturation value(HSV) or RGB (Red Green and Blue saturation).The app has the intensity slider too that let you modify the gradient intensity of the color.The end result is a high quality simple elegant wallpaper that looks good on every device with any type of android skin and will make your phone look quite different than the rest.


Now if you are in need of a personalized application that will simplify your wallpaper, then Colors and Gradients is an app for you.Its practical and light to devices as it uses the minimal amount of ram.It does not matter whether you have an android phone with phablet screens or normal screens, the app will make your screen look classy to eyes.

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