Drupal – The Best Alternative for WordPress?

What is Drupal?

If you are new into blogging or you are thinking of starting a blogging website, you must have till now heard about the WordPress and Blogger.No doubt these two platforms are by far the most used and popular source of initiating a blogging career.But there is something else which is a good option and in some circumstances even excel both of the popular platforms.

I’m talking about the amazing Drupal.It is the most flexible and complete cms platform.

Drupal 8 is the newest and by far the friendliest version of all.Its sole purpose is not to be a blogging platform but that is actually one of the many things that it offers.It is a true content management system with greater power and security.

WordPress is the most used cms platforms in the web world but nothing is perfect.The later can be a good option for individuals who are not willing to spend a lot of money on hosting services and are using shared servers primarily.

3 Reasons Why Drupal is the best alternative to WordPress.

  • Firstly¬†on shared WordPress hosting, the website seems to load slowly and not performed well.Drupal sites performed better on google page speed with fewer modules and simple cms approach.
  • The expansion is better in Drupal.The website can be enhanced and modified into different dimensions.On another hand, WordPress depends mostly on Plugins for flexibility.

let’s discuss an example:
You are about to start a smartphones related blog.For that, WordPress by default offers you two type of content: post or page.
But Drupal gives you the independence of creating any type of content.Like you can create “video review” or “smartphone specification” as a content type.

  • Most Free plugins and themes on WordPress are badly coded and utilize a lot of space and power.Contrary to that Drupal has a more professional community with very less database of modules and themes but a more tidy look and performance.

In the end, it all comes to personal need and understanding.In my opinion its the Drupal that seems to be a tough competitor than Jumla or King of CMS, WordPress.

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