Move It ” Not just a Transfer App” – Android App Review

The Move It is an android application that is developed in India.It allows users to transfer media files from phone memory to sd card.The app is capable of performing few other functions too.This review will give you a clear picture of Move It.

Simple and quick way to transfer your media


The app opens up with several options under its belt.An internal storage meter is displayed on left and external on right.This gives you a clear idea of the phone’s space. A left menu opens which have not many options to consider apart from settings.You can do basic settings like notification on/off etc.If you want an Ad-free app then there is also an option for that in the menu section.

move it android app 2

On the right side, it’s a search magnifying glass which allows users to search media files from internal and external storage.

Move It Features

  • Inbuilt Media Player and Picture viewer

The app allows users to watch their videos or see their pictures before holding them for transfer.There is no need of installing an extension for that.An inbuilt media player and picture viewer are present.The video player is quick and supports almost all the known video type files.The picture viewer provides the basic functionality.Don’t expect to edit your pictures on Move It.

  • Phone Cleaner

This was kind of a surprise.Cleaning option put Move It into more than one category.Who needs a separate cleaning application right!?.It cleans all your junk files, increases your storage and most importantly, speeds up your device.I compare it with TouchWiz’s cleaner powered by the clean master.Move It performed almost equally effective.

move it android app 3

  • Auto Transfer

It’s a quite useful option.Most of the time when there is a storage full warning then only we consider transferring or cleaning the phone storage.The auto transfer option let you set an auto transfer mode for a specific folder to transfer media to sd card.It was useful for me when I transfer pictures from Canon DLSR directly into my phone.By default, my phone memory gets loaded with the high-resolution pictures.But with the auto transfer, all my photos get auto-transferred to sd card without any hassle.

  • Media Scanner

Move It has a media scanner which performs the basic task of finding all of your media files.New audio, video or image files can be detected instantly.

  • Duplicate Finder

This finds duplicate media files.I erased a number of duplicate files on my phone by using it.The whole point is to gain more space and keeps things tidy.It proves quite handy and effective.move it android app 4

Final Words

Move It is a blend of a file manager and Cleaner.The app can compete with top file managers like E.S file explorer or Cleaning app like Clean Master.


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