Pokémon Go new updates will have ton of new shiny monsters

Pokémon Go will now be equipped with all the new monsters you ever wanted.If you are not playing Pokémon Go from quite a long time then this is the time to get back into the Pokémon arena.This will raise excitment to high levels for users who want to catch exciting new Pokémon.
So far, only a few Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Swablu, and a few more had shiny sprites that were introduced during special events.
Data miners have been slowly combing the game ever since it came out and now it looks like tons of more shiny Pokémon are about to be added to the playable game data. Some of the new shiny Pokémon are Arbok, Machamp, Tauros, Sudowoodo, Umbreon, Espeon and lots more.
The entire list of the new shinies can be found here. It is still unconfirmed when all these Pokémon will be available for players to catch or if they’ll come as part of some sort of special event like before.

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