Prisma app review “Simply Artistic”

If you had interest in photography or you like being artistic with the simple mobile camera or even if you are into painting like stuff then for sure your mobile phone would have this simple yet magnificent photo to art conversion app, Prisma. It was first launched in Apple App Store and fairly it still enjoys a better experience than Android.That’s unfortunate and despite being introduced after the iPhone release, the Android version of Prisma performed bit poorly than IOS. This must be due to the coding reason or the buggy android environment but despite this short comes this brilliant mobile application do best what it is made to do and is the hottest app in the Google Play Store for this season (I’m fully aware of the Pokemon Go craze but the app is not available everywhere).

How to use Prisma?

The app interface is highly simple with no fuss. For those who are used to popular photo-sharing app, getting started with Prisma shouldn’t confuse them at all. There is a shutter circle placed at the bottom with front and back camera switcher on top of it. The flashlight can also be turned on with the option placed in a left corner next to switcher. Snapping the shutter allow filters to appear right at the bottom of the picture. Phone must be connected to the internet for these filters to work. Instant sharing options appear that let you share the end product to any social platforms. By default, you’ll see a Prisma logo at the bottom of your pictures, but you can turn these off in settings by disabling the Add Watermark option.

How are the final pictures?

Pictures look truly amazing and artistic.Every detail in the picture is brilliantly transformed into something denoted by the works of artist like Picasso. Mobile phones with better camera technology produce marvelous pictures which look heavily captivating on Instagram and Facebook. The best part is that it covers all the bad spot and make the poor image into a beautiful artistic creation.

Few Drawbacks

Sometimes the filter takes 15-30 seconds to load up the artwork.This is the problem due to overload on Prisma lab servers.Hopefully, new updates will resolve this problem on android. Secondly, android version has somehow four to five fewer filters than iPhone. Lastly, the app lacks photo editing basic tools like setting up brightness and contrast.This may be a big problem for users who want more control over the final product.


Overall the App is a refreshing piece of idea perfectly executing the process of photo enhancing to another level.It works great on almost all the mobile devices and is light to the memory and processing power.It landed on the Google play store just a week ago and is being the new big thing since then gaining immense popularity.

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