(WCC2) World Cricket Championship 2 – “Best cricket game”

In recent years WCC2 ” World Cricket Championship 2″ has achieved what other cricket games on android couldn’t.

I was into these cricket games for many years.Before the advent of the mobile platforms, I had played cricket games on PC. The best ones were truly Brain Lara cricket 99 and so on.Later came the Cricket revolution that really hooked me up due to its creative and new gameplay.I had never bother about graphics, the gameplay is what hit me always.

In the Android arena, it was hard to find a well-coded cricket game that can even be called a full cricket game.”STICK CRICKET 2 ” was recently the top cricket game for me on android but it was a game meant for batsmen only.There you just have to hit fours and sixes and achieve the target.I must say people behind stick cricket ensures that you have an entertaining session with the app as it posses some great graphics and animations.But despite all this, I was in quest of finding a complete cricket game.

There is when I came across WWC2 “World Cricket Championship 2“.Not even played its first version before I installed it and was immensely impress from the total package.It had all the things, I really wanted in an android cricket game.Now after keeping it for a month on my phone, I found it to be the perfect idealization with lack of few implementations.

Ranging from 2 overs to 50 overs cricket it gives you all the options to set up the match.There are tournaments you can participate in by unlocking on coins or winning mechanism.Online mode let you challenge others in different assigned scenarios. You can even select the type of pitches, stadiums and weather conditions according to your need.Further, you can modify player names, kits, and appearances.The game allows you to play in easy, medium and hard mode against the AI.You can even select your controller type, be it basic or pro.I really like the pro-control type as the batting through it is so enjoyable.Due to this revolutionary pro mode, you don’t have to indulge in scratching the mobile screen to play shots in any dimension.The 360-degree shot selection mode provides you every type of shot which you love to play.YOU must try this!

Anyhow the makers of this game have recently introduced ” TEST CRICKET ” mode into this already enjoyable game.In that, you can select daily overs and matches in a series.The look of it is truly brilliant.The aggressive four fielder on slips and the one at silly point and the red ball swinging is what makes it a good test mode.The new update also introduced special delivery and loop shot meter(TEST MODE only) to give its fans a challenging experience.

Well, after giving you an idea of how the game looks and play, there a certain thing which this game needs to cover on in order to be the perfect game.The most annoying problem in this game is that your opponent, the computer is literally blind.A player like me can destroy him in test mode or 2 overs match. I had not lost a single match in a month.It’s sometimes too easy that eventually, it becomes boring.Even the hard mode without the bowling indicator is too easy.You can hit fours and sixes on just timing, neglecting the physics of ball swing, pace, and position.This is irritating.In short, the game is quite a remarkable piece of coding and physics in shape of small size app.Yeah, it’s amazing to see how small the game is although it contains a lot of details.

UPDATE: The game now has Test Match Mode,New animation and style of bowling and batting.

Make sure that you don’t miss this game and do tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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